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Sillinger Boats

Environmental Products with a Proven Track Record

Icon Environmental distributes a number of high quality, environmentally safe products manufactured by reputable global companies.

Sillinger Boats, one of our most highly reguarded products, have a global reputation for quality, endurance, and reliability.

Our most widely used product line includes Oclansorb TM oil absorbents.

Click here for our German Distributors.

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Oclansorb TM oil absorbents are produced from all natural materials.

  • They are non-toxic - organic and biodegradable - and can be recycled.
  • They are oleophilic - picking up hydrocarbon spills immediately on contact.
  • They are hydrophobic, so they remain on the surface of the water.
  • They hold 12 times their own weight and have no residue.
  • They meet leachate standards.

Click for "Real Video" clips on the right demonstrating the qualities of oclansorb. Or click on the product descriptions at left.

Distributors wanted in Europe and the Middle East! info@iconworld.com

Recently we have added Stabillo Cup VP 1 SW, an environmentally safe water-soluable metal working fluid.
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